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How do I order a transformer?

What does EREA stand for?

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Does EREA still supply electronic halogen convertors or LED products?

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Select the right transformer

What types of transformer are available? What are they used for?

I need to have a transformer built to my own specifications. What information do I need to provide?

What is the difference between an autotransformer and an isolation transformer?

What is the advantage of a safety transformer?

What IP rating should I choose for my transformer?

Energy efficiency


What is blue e³?

What is the cost recovery period of a blue e³ transformer?

Inrush current


What does "IRC" mean?

What is meant by inrush current? Does this phenomenon affect every transformer?

Why does the circuit breaker trip when I start up my transformer?



Where can I find a wiring diagram for my transformer?

Can I use a transformer in the opposite direction?

EV charging


How do EC/ECT transformers differ from the standard models?

Can I use an EC/ECT transformer for applications other than charging stations?

PV installation


How does a PVT transformer differ from the standard model?

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Does a transformer require a lot of maintenance?

Why is a transformer noisy?

Can I use a halogen transformer for 12V LED lights?

What is meant by the insulation class of a transformer?