What IP rating should I choose for my transformer?

We offer 5 options for IP ratings:


The transformer has no housing and is therefore not protected against contact or moisture.


The transformer is protected against contact with medium-sized objects (> 12.5 mm). There is no protection against moisture.

This IP rating makes accidental contact impossible and is suitable for installation in equipment rooms.


The protection is comparable with the IP20 housing but this version is also splashproof. This means that water coming from above, at a maximal angle of 60°, cannot penetrate the housing.


The housing is splashproof and can therefore be used outside. Normal rainfall will not cause any damage, but this housing will not withstand extreme rain.


The housing is completely dust-tight and watertight and is therefore suitable for outdoor use, even in more demanding conditions.


We have housings available with IP20, IP23 and IP44 ratings for all our standard products. Which housing belongs with which transformer can be found on the product pages and in the technical files for the transformers.

The situation with IP65 is a little different. No flow of air is possible here, thus preventing the natural cooling of the transformer. A larger model of transformer will therefore be required to deliver the same capacity. IP65 transformers are therefore supplied as a finished unit, rather than as a transformer with a separate housing as is the case with the lower IP ratings.

As well as our own series of standard housings there is also the option to give a transformer a specific IP rating by building it into a panel or a street cabinet.