About us


For more than 80 years, EREA has been one of the largest transformer manufacturers in Europe. Over the years, we have built up unmatched expertise in transformers. For example, have a look at our innovative blue e³ product range and how they can benefit you

Our products are manufactured wholly in Wijnegem. All our products, every device we deliver, stands for quality, reliability and safety. You can safely rely on an EREA transformer.

Made-to-Measure solutions are our main strength. Precisely because we have a constant stock of standard transformers, we can quickly respond to your demand for customization. Submit your question for your specific project and EREA will provide you with the solution.

EREA invests consciously in research and development. As a result, our representatives have a lot of technical baggage. And can they help you better and faster.

We work closely with a fixed network of distributors, thereby securing our presence in the industrial market, allowing us to guarantee the best possible service. After all, customer satisfaction is our most important priority.