Become reseller

Will you be the new EREA dealer?

Want to benefit as a supplier from the proven quality of EREA-transformers and the outstanding image of this powerful brand? Then becoming an EREA dealer is absolutely the right thing for you. An association with EREA delivers massive benefits: we do everything we can to provide our dealers with all the tools they need to boost their sales and to make our collaboration as smooth as possible.

Complete portfolio of high-grade products

As an EREA dealer you will be able to offer your customers an extensive product portfolio of low voltage transformers. This includes transformers for specific applications such as lifts, escalators and electric vehicle charging stations. EREA is an A label brand in Belgium, the Coca Cola of transformers. And quality is 100% guaranteed.

Detailed product information

Detailed information on all products is available for both you and the end customer. So, as an EREA dealer, you will be fully equipped to provide reliable, accurate and comprehensible product information.

Seamlessly import information to your own webshop

The product lists and the associated information and specifications can easily be imported to your webshop. We will supply you with a comprehensive and up-to-date databasein your desired format (Excel, ICGME, ETIM, BMEcat) for you to upload to your webshop. Our aim is to make life as easy as possible for our EREA dealers and their customers.

Problem-free deliveries thanks to our stock of standard products

The same approach applies in the case of product deliveries, whether to you or directly to your customers. Thanks to our stock of standard products, you and your clients can be assured of problem-free deliveries within 24 hours.

Certified, extensive experience with our dealer network

EREA means quality, and becoming an EREA dealer is a smart decision which will take your business to a whole new level. As an ISO certificated manufacturer we have extensive experience with a dealer network. We do everything we can to protect and support our dealers with an extensive range of sales tools  as well as a bonus for good performance.