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Quality you can count on, 100%
Published : 2023-11-10 | Categories : Nieuws

That's because EREA have once again been awarded their ISO 9001 certificate. And we passed with flying colours.

Charge up your car quickly and easily at EREA
Published : 2023-08-07 | Categories : Default

The growing number of electric vehicles means that drivers need to be able to charge them quickly and easily. EREA are therefore investing in publicly accessible charging points.

Phoenix Contact connectors ensure efficient connection of transformers
Published : 2023-03-09 | Categories : Default

EREA charging station and solar panel transformers are now equipped with the handy new ‘mousetrap’ connectors developed by Phoenix Contact. (IRC series) These are our energy-efficient Blue e³  [...]

A fantastic New Year, filled with joy and happiness!
Published : 2022-12-14 | Categories : Default

We will bid farewell to 2022 with feelings of pride and gratitude, despite all the challenges we have faced. Pride in the flexibility and drive of our colleagues. And gratitude for the [...]

At EREA we do solutions, not products
Published : 2022-07-08 | Categories : Nieuws

When you buy a drill, it isn't really a drill you want. What you want is a hole! And it's the same with transformers. That's something we at EREA really understand

EREA for sure! Your guarantee of dependability and continuity of supply
Published : 2021-11-30 | Categories : Nieuws

Promise your clients speedy deliveries Speedy deliveries are something of a luxury in these difficult times. But you can confidently offer your customers fast delivery times.

A short break at the year end. And then on to 2022!
Published : 2021-11-26 | Categories : Nieuws

End-of-year arrangements at EREA Like to know more about our arrangements and staffing over the holiday period? Read on.

EREA are showing the way when it comes to sustainable economic growth
Published : 2021-08-26 | Categories : Default

EREA are arming themselves against the materials crisis by building up stocks of transformers

New mobile transformers are fully plug-and-play
Published : 2021-01-14 | Categories : Default

Responding to the current demand for mobile transformers for events, construction sites and hire businesses, EREA have developed a safe, user-friendly plug-and-play Low Voltage transformer.

Flexible solutions for energy-efficient lifts and escalators
Published : 2020-12-04 | Categories : Default

EREA are launching a range of energy-efficient transformers for lifts and escalators. Improve operating reliability and reduce energy consumption with our new lift transformers.

Flawless delivery of transformers conduces to safety of rail transport
Published : 2020-10-21 | Categories : Default

EREA supplied Infrabel with isolating transformers for the ETCS system, contributing to the reduction of train accidents.

Transformers to charge electric cars
Published : 2020-07-09 | Categories : Default

There is no doubt about it; the trend towards electric vehicles is here to stay. Motorists who purchase such a vehicle also need a charging station. 

A safe transformer solution for Marineland
Published : 2020-06-15 | Categories : Default

The Marineland sea life centre were searching for a safe transformer solution for their dolphin lifts. Read all about it here!

Renewed medical transformers: Innovation that combines higher safety with lower
Published : 2020-04-09 | Categories : Default

TMHD, the revamped medical transformers from EREA, are even more energy-efficient, and come with greater reliability and safety.

Website responds to growing demand for ease of use and customer-friendliness
Published : 2020-02-04 | Categories : Default

Discover our streamlined shop and all the tools and features our website has to offer.

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