Find your alternative to end-of-life Schneider transformers

Find your alternative to end-of-life Schneider transformers
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Schneider are discontinuing their Modicon ABT7 and ABL6 range of low voltage transformers. No problem, because you can easily find two alternatives to the specific Schneider transformer you are looking for at EREA. 


Just use the conversion card. Handy and easy to understand. You can instantly identify the right EREA model, based on the Schneider code, the capacity and the voltage.  

Interested? Fill in your details and we'll send the conversion card to your inbox.

We have the transformer you need in stock

That's handy too! The high stock levels we maintain mean we can quickly respond to demand. Order today and it will be on the lorry tomorrow.

All our transformers have been made in Belgium since 1933! So our product families are stable and you can rest easy. Future proof.

Accessible for you

Do you have questions about the best alternative to a Schneider transformer from the Modicon range? Don't hesitate to contact us. Just phone or email.

We can assist you in reaching a sound decision.

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