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European regulation with regard to transformers
Published : 2015-08-14 | Categories : Default

Commission Regulation (EU) No 548/2014 of 21 May 2014 

Save with an energy-efficient transformer
Published : 2015-06-08 | Categories : Default

You can reduce your energy consumption by 32,5%. 

Current management gives EREA Industrie wings once again!
Published : 2014-01-01 | Categories : Default

You know EREA Industrie as a leader in the production of industrial transformers. 

New Catalog - expanding productrange
Published : 2013-01-09 | Categories : Default

EREA Energy Engineering is constantly innovating. 

Voltage measurement transformers
Published : 2012-08-01 | Categories : Default

EREA Energy Engineering has developed voltage measurement transformers for one- and three-phase measurements.

Innovative charging stations for e-bike sharing
Published : 2012-07-06 | Categories : Default

The use of bicycles for transport purposes has become fashionable, not only privately but also for public shared use. 

VTDV trade fair - 15 June 2012
Published : 2012-07-01 | Categories : Default

It has to be said: the VTDV (Vereniging voor Technische Diensthoofden in de Verzorgingsinstellingen or Association of Technical Heads of Department in Healthcare Institutions) trade fair in Leuven,

Customized LED and halogen solutions from Niko
Published : 2012-06-26 | Categories : Default

Many people know Niko mainly as a manufacturer of switching materials, access control, lighting control and home automation systems. But not everyone knows that Niko also develops and [...]

Energy-efficient products and production go hand in hand
Published : 2012-05-02 | Categories : Default

Not only do industrial transformers convert energy, they also consume energy. With this simple fact in mind, EREA Energy Engineering introduced its energy-efficient ‘blue e³’ products.

Telephone contact details for the Netherlands and France
Published : 2012-05-02 | Categories : Default

Want to contact EREA Energy Engineering via telephone but there is no Belgian contact number or you wish to save on international call costs?

Custom transformer for your electric vehicle charging infrastructure
Published : 2012-05-02 | Categories : Default

Are you a pioneer in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructures? EREA Industrie is the perfect partner for you. 

Trade fairs in the spotlight
Published : 2012-04-13 | Categories : Default

On 14 and 15 March 2012 EREA Energy Engineering will have a stand at Techniscoop happening, a not-to-be-missed event for the industry, the tertiary sector and installers.

Smart Grids Flanders membership
Published : 2012-03-06 | Categories : Default

EREA Energy Engineering has joined Smart Grids Flanders. As a producer of industrial transformers our main concern is to be an efficient,

Custom transformers – a story of growth
Published : 2012-01-30 | Categories : Default

Courteousness and years of technical expertise make EREA Energy Engineering the ideal supplier of industrial transformers customised to your application.

Fashion meets industry
Published : 2012-01-02 | Categories : Default

In an era where digital diaries are included in countless mobile applications, paper diaries risk being considered old-fashioned.

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