Expensive can also be cheap

Expensive can also be cheap
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New client CHR de la Citadelle benefits from taking the long view.

The CHR de la Citadelle hospital in Liège has selected EREA to supply its medical transformers. Choosing the most sustainable option turns out to be in the client's best interests. In the long run, the cheapest price tag isn't always the best option.

When CHR de la Citadelle were looking for a partner to supply medical transformers, EREA's quotation was the highest. But having completed a thorough evaluation and comparison with the less expensive tenders, the client went for EREA after all. And not only that: they actually chose our eco-friendlier Blue e³ transformers. "Why would they do that?", we hear you ask. The answer is, they quite rightly took account of the Total Cost of Ownership.

Don't just look at the price, also consider the Total Cost of Ownership

Indeed, the value of a product consists of more than just the purchase price. In the case of transformers, for example, you also need to take account of energy losses, quality, better operating reliability and more. When factors like these are taken into consideration it appears that the initially more expensive EREA transformers are the most economical option in the longer term.

Expensive is the new cheap! And that's what CHR de la Citadelle understood.

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