Praise from VINTIV:

Praise from VINTIV:
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As a provider of technical solutions for businesses VINTIV attach great importance to smooth collaborations. "I can say without hesitation that EREA have amply exceeded our expectations in that area", says VINTIV Director Joris Ceyssens. "Thanks to EREA we were able to respond to our customer's needs with exceptional flexibility and efficiency. As far as we are concerned this initial experience has set the tone for a fruitful collaboration!"

VINTIV first came into contact with EREA when they searched online for a suitable transformer solution for their customer – a global player in the graphics industry.  "When we contacted EREA for further information by email we were both surprised and pleased by their incredibly quick response", recalls Ceyssens. 

From enquiry to delivery in just 6 days

"Johan from EREA's R&D department instantly understood our customer's requirements and which transformer they would need. The quotation was prepared and the order placed. And, in just six days, the transformer was ready for us to collect from the wholesaler Rovagro."

Extensive options for foreign exports

The order related to a standard isolating transformer with a specific voltage for export purposes. "Finding the right transformer was crucial as these machines would be sold all around the world, so they needed to be ready to work with the various voltages in use in different countries." EREA have recently expanded their traditional three-phase isolating transformer range to include 480, 500 and 690-volt models, precisely to meet their customers' requirements for export purposes. 

EREA on top of their game

"Our collaboration with EREA was an absolute pleasure. It is gratifying to discover that we are completely on the same wavelength when it comes to speed, quality and service. EREA are really on top of their game!" As well as the amazing speed and quality of their service provision, VINTIV were also deeply impressed by the comprehensive service EREA can offer. "They guided us through the entire process from our initial enquiry through to the price quotation and the eventual delivery of our order. As a new customer we saw immediately that this was the start of a fruitful collaboration with EREA. We are expecting great things!”

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