Problem-free charging for electric vehicles? With these transformers!

Problem-free charging for electric vehicles? With these transformers!
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We're seeing a massive increase in registrations of electric vehicles in Europe. And that, in turn, means a growth in the number of charging stations. A survey of our customers indicates that charging of electric vehicles doesn't always go as smoothly as we would wish. This is because of the atypical electricity grid used in Belgium and various other European countries.

In this blog post we take a deeper dive into this problem and explore potential solutions. And don't despair: we have the solution right here with EREA transformers dedicated to electric vehicle charging.

The problem with vehicle charging stations: the lack of a clean neutral conductor

Charging systems for electric vehicles are designed around the most common electricity grid in use in Europe: 3x400V. 3x230V supplies are, however, also in use in Belgium and a number of other European countries. This type of supply throws up a second problem area. In concrete terms: the problem arises from the lack of a clean neutral conductor. This results in certain charging systems refusing to charge the vehicle.

The solution: an isolating transformer

The problem of the absence of a neutral conductor in this type of network can be resolved with the use of an isolating transformer. This provides for an electrically isolated supply on the secondary side with reference to the primary supply and earth. With a single-phase charging station transformer a neutral conductor can be provided by earthing one of the conductors. With a three-phase transformer this is achieved by placing the neutral conductor on the earth.

Take a look at the sketch labelled 'Creating a neutral conductor in a 3 x 230V network' in this technical paper.

In other words, a solution for both a single-phase connection as well as for three-phase installations.

Concrete solutions from EREA: The EC and ECT series

We have developed EREA transformers specifically dedicated to the charging of electric vehicles and designed to overcome the charging problems associated with the most common charging systems:

The distinctive property of these transformers is the low inrush current (IRC - InRush Current). This means that they contain more iron and copper than the equivalent standard transformer. It also makes them a little more pricey. Very important: Against this, however, the energy losses are significantly lower, so that the additional cost of purchase will, after a few years, be recovered via energy savings. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an EC or ECT charging station transformer is appreciably lower than that of a standard transformer. In other words: you will quickly recoup the additional cost.

In short, by selecting one of these charging station transformers you are choosing a solution which features

  1. low inrush current (IRC),
  2. energy-efficient
  3. Which can handle any currently used charging current.

Need further technical info on these charging station transformers?

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