All transformer technical info at your fingertips – thanks to the QR code

All transformer technical info at your fingertips – thanks to the QR code
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At EREA, we are constantly working on ways to improve our products to support users and installers during installation. That’s why all EREA transformers and accessories come with a QR code. Scanning this code with your smartphone or tablet will give you all the product technical info in the palm of your hand

What is a QR code and how does it work? Learn more below.

A QR code is like a bar code

Scan this square code with a smartphone or tablet and you will be redirected to a specific web page. In this case, you will be taken to the page for your EREA product, with all the technical information you need to use the product properly: power, voltage, voltage drop, wiring diagram and so on.

How do I scan my EREA product with a smartphone or tablet?

If your mobile device does not come with a QR reader, you will have to install an app to scan QR codes. 

If you have an Android device, you’ll find several apps in Google Play to read QR codes. If you have an iPhone or iPad, your camera is already set up to scan QR codes. If you prefer to use your own app, go to the App Store, where you will find a variety of free or paid QR code readers to choose from.

Once you’re ready to scan the QR code, follow the instructions below:

Let's take the SPT25000/BTE, for example

On this energy-efficient isolating transformer, you will find this QR code:


1. Scan the code using your smartphone or tablet. This page will pop up on your screen: 

2. A handy overview of all the technical specifications for the transformer.

How do you benefit? Quick and convenient!

  • Thanks to the QR code, you can find clear technical information for your EREA product anytime, anywhere – with just one scan
  • You can view the wiring diagram, so you can install the product right away;
  • You can also download this technical info to your device;

  • And if the product needs to be replaced, you can find a new one online quickly.

Not just for transformers

You’ll find the QR code not only on transformers, but across all EREA products: power supplies, IP protection cases, stabilisers, inrush current limiters and more. 

Hopefully this will make life easier for you.

Any questions about QR codes on our products?

Struggling to read a QR code on your smartphone or tablet? Get in touch with us today. We'll be happy to help.

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