Can I use a PVT transformer for other applications?

Yes, you can!

The PVT series has been specifically developed with characteristics ideal for the connection of PV converters, combined heat and power plants and other applications where energy is fed back to the grid:

        No compensating windings (1:1 winding ratio)

        Low inrush current

        High efficiency

However, the low inrush current and high efficiency are useful in many applications, not just charging stations.

The absence of the compensating windings is an advantage with PV systems, but in other applications it would lead to the voltage under load being several percentage points lower than the nominal voltage.

Transformers of this type can be used in all situations where the electrical installation is incapable of supplying the inrush current required for an industrial transformer (domestic premises, shops, offices...).


Some examples:

        Heat pumps

        Air-conditioning units

        Three-phase machines