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Electricity prices remain high and there is still no immediate prospect of stability in the energy market. Economical use of electricity and other forms of energy is, therefore, more crucial than ever. One way to achieve this is through the use of equipment with low energy losses: like the exceptionally energy-efficient EREA transformers in our Blue e3 range. These models reduce zero no-load losses and copper losses to an absolute minimum.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
But doesn't that make them more expensive? It is true that the initial purchase cost is a little higher. However the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is many times lower than with a cheaper model. In other words you will quickly recoup the additional cost.

Compare, replace, save!

How quickly? You can work that out using our calculator. This allows you to compare an energy-efficient transformer from EREA's blue e3 Range with a transformer from a different manufacturer, or an older and less energy-efficient EREA transformer, so you can quickly and easily see how quickly you can earn back the additional cost of purchase.

Put the calculator to work and calculate your savings!

Energy saving with an EREA Energy Efficient transformer - BTE Range

Enter the data below to determine the payback period of the investment

Transformer properties

EREA BTE Range Transformer to be compared
Transfo Type
Power VA
No-load loss (P0) W
Full-load loss (Pcu) W
Efficiency %

Conditions of use

Number of transformers in the project Pieces
Average load %
Number of hours per day connected to the grid Hours
Number of hours per day with connected load Hours
Energy cost €/kWh

Purchase prices

Gross purchase price of the transformer (1 piece) EUR
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Net purchase price of the transformer (1 piece) EUR
Total purchase price of the project EUR

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