Phoenix Contact connectors ensure efficient connection of transformers

Phoenix Contact connectors ensure efficient connection of transformers
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EREA charging station and solar panel transformers are now equipped with the handy new ‘mousetrap’ connectors developed by Phoenix Contact. (IRC series) These are our energy-efficient Blue e³ transformers (BTE series) featuring restricted inrush current. These new connectors not only increase the operating reliability and efficiency of connections to EREA transformers, their simplicity also offers substantial time savings.

The IRC series has been designed to restrict inrush current.  These transformers can be protected using a circuit breaker based on the nominal current. Furthermore, the energy losses, inherent with all transformers, are kept to a minimum, thus reducing energy costs. These transformers are suitable for both industrial and residential applications, where the available capacity (current) is limited and energy efficiency is critical. To simplify their installation these transformers will, in future, be equipped with a new type of spring-loaded clamp.

Speedy installation

Installing these transformers is easier and more efficient thanks to the new connectors from Phoenix Contact. The connectors have been specially designed for use with the Blue e3 series of transformers, ensuring reliable, simple and speedy connection.

Reliable and safe

A key advantage of the new Phoenix Contact connectors is that the pretensioned contact spring allows direct wiring using either stiff or flexible ferruled conductors, rather than a screw fixing. The 'mousetrap’ spring clamp also only snaps shut when the cable reaches fully to the end of the clamp. 

This guarantees that cable connections are tightly secured and will not come loose due to vibration or expansion from heating. This reduces the risk of faults and increases operating reliability. This is particularly important in industrial applications where faults and unscheduled downtime may lead to loss of production and increased costs. The pretensioned contact spring also ensures that the connections made are firmly secured and will not shift, so that the connectors are also suitable for applications in environments subject to high vibration levels.

Star - Delta: Flexible connection

Our EREA transformers can generally be connected in star or delta format to either the primary or the secondary side.

For these star-delta connections which require connections between different types of connector we supply the connection forks together with the transformer.  This simplifies the installation process, because technicians do not need to create these bridging connections using additional cabling. Use of these connectors results in fewer errors and improved overall performance by the system.

Wiring diagram

The details of the star-delta connection are shown on the transformer label. But you can also scan the QR code on the transformer. This will take you straight to the transformer's technical data sheet, with the various star-delta connection options.

Simple modification

A further advantage of the new Phoenix Contact connectors is that they can easily be opened up again. So when you need to remove or modify a connection all that's needed is a press on the orange button on the connector.

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