Charge up your car quickly and easily at EREA

Charge up your car quickly and easily at EREA
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The market in electric vehicles is bouyant. In 2022 12.1% of new vehicles purchased in Europe were fully electrically powered. And in our own country more and more of us are choosing to drive partly or completely electric. The latest figures from the Belgian statistics agency Statbel reveal that already 6.3% of the country's vehicle fleet, 375,107 vehicles, are hybrids, with more than 71,000 vehicles fully electrically powered.

The need for charging points

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the road it is clearly essential for drivers to have sufficient charging locations available. We need to quickly reach a position where charging a car is as simple as filling your fuel tank. As one of Europe's largest transformer manufacturers with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, EREA are delighted to make their contribution to expanding this much-needed charging infrastructure. Because we recognise that we must all play our part in bringing about the necessary energy transition.

Charging for everyone

So we've taken action, installing eight 22kW public charging points (with the highest available AC charging capacity) on our company car park at Ruggeveldstraat 1A in Wijnegem.

The charging points are easily accessible to all, 24/7. Any public charge card will be accepted, and you will use your own Type 2 charging cable. Note: the expectation is that the charging points should not be occupied any longer than is necessary. Please make room for the next user as soon as your batteries are charged.

Welcome to EREA

So whether you're a local resident, a visitor to the Ruggeveld Business Park, a shopper at the nearby Wijnegem Shopping Centre or you're just passing by, don't hesitate to make use of our infrastructure. Everyone is welcome!

By the way, did you know that at EREA we also offer solutions for creating a neutral for the installation of charging stations? This is ideal for locations where the available electricity network does not normally allow their installation.

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