New mobile transformers are fully plug-and-play

New mobile transformers are fully plug-and-play
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EREA have developed a safe, ready-to-go mobile Low Voltage transformer for rental companies and other organisations needing a temporary transformer solution. The transformer is ideal for a construction site, an emergency hospital or one-off events. Ease of use, safety and mobility are central to the design of this equipment.

High quality, energy-efficient equipment

Mobile autotransformers for use in outdoor environments are growing in popularity. In response EREA Energy Engineering have developed a range of weatherproof transformers complying with protection category IP44. The protective housing has been specially designed for this type of transformer.

In order to meet everyone's needs these transformers come in a range of sizes, from 40 kVA to 400 kVA. The blue e3 transformers are also highly energy-efficient and hence economical.

An overview of the different construction sizes can be found in our product factsheet.

Download product factsheet

Safety and branding go hand in hand

Businesses purchasing transformers with a view to hiring them out quite rightly attach importance to their branding. They want to see their house style reflected in all their hire equipment. They are therefore often in the position of acquiring bare transformers and then constructing their own housing. This is something we can't recommend, as using such equipment outdoors where it is exposed to moisture and rain can lead to unsafe situations.

Luckily we have the solution to this problem. EREA can match the transformer housing to the look and feel of the customer's existing product range.

Compact and easy to use

The transformers have been kept as compact as possible. The base has the format of a Euro pallet for easy mobility. They are supplied fully plug-and-play and fitted with Power Lock connectors to which loose cables can be attached. We can also permanently connect long cables, if required. We will always be happy to discuss the best solution to meet your needs.


As these transformers are intended for temporary use, mobility is a high priority. The transformers are equipped with lifting eyes and feet with recesses for transportation with a forklift truck, making them safe and easy to move and transport. Combine this with perfect weather protection and you can see why these are ideal transformers for events and construction sites.

Contact EREA today to discuss your stopgap transformer solution!

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