At EREA we do solutions, not products

At EREA we do solutions, not products
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When you buy a drill, it isn't really a drill you want. What you want is a hole! And it's the same with transformers. That's something we at EREA really understand. The ultimate objective is to provide a solution for the client. The product itself is just a means to an end.  That's the starting-point every day for our Customer Service Team as they seek to give you and your own customers the best possible assistance. Like to know how we do it? Let's show you the hidden world of the Customer Service Team.

An answer to every question

As well as processing orders our Customer Service Team are also available to answer questions. Questions can be general, like "how does a transformer work?" or "why does my transformer hum?". But they can also respond to commercial enquiries with a smile.  "What's the structure of EREA?" or "How large are the stocks you carry?" or "How does the webshop work?" or "Are there any special offers at the moment?". The majority of the questions are technical however. Our staff can also take these in their stride. "How do I set up a neutral conductor?", "What transformer do I need for this specific problem", "When do I need an isolating transformer?", "How do I install this equipment?". There's a satisfactory answer to each of these questions. So it will all be clear to you in next to no time.

Problems? No problem!

Solving problems is second nature to our customer service staff. Your Customer Service Contact will provide you with all the technical information and support you need with the installation of your transformer. If necessary they will send an expert from EREA to your site to assist the installer. All our staff are fully trained. So their technical expertise is all you could ask for.

Janet and John

?The Tale of the Humming Transformer’ is a neat piece of problem solving.  It's not the title of one of those old "Janet and John" books, it's a genuine problem. Transformers inevitably make a humming noise. You can find out why here. In noisy industrial environments that is generally not a problem. But in the case we are discussing now, the transformer was installed in an apartment building's car park. The residents were understandably not happy with the disturbing noise. But the problem was quickly resolved, by replacing the existing transformer with an IRC model, under commercially attractive terms and conditions. EREA went to the site to assist with the installation. Client happy, installer happy, residents happy... And so were we.

Your needs come first. Always!

At EREA we will always be proactive in protecting and furthering your interests. A new sales promotion, a new product feature that might be of interest to you: we'll always keep you informed. You can rely on our Customer Service Team for that. 

The benefits of EREA Customer Service in brief

? When you call EREA you will get a person on the line. Not an pop-up menu.

? Price quotations and orders will be despatched as rapidly as possible.

? Our after-sales support will provide you with clear answers to questions that will really help.

? Our internal communications are smoothly organised and the team regularly discuss all customer needs and requirements. So you won't need to ask your question three times.

? You can contact us by phone, by email, using a contact form or via social media...and now also via Chatbox. You choose what suits you best.

? We do solutions, not products.

Let's get acquainted

Reading all this you may get the impression that our Customer Service Department is staffed by a team of superheroes. Well, we think that's true! Feel free to contact them.

Contacting Customer Service

Any questions? Looking for information? Our staff stand ready to assist. You can contact us: 

by email at

by phone, depending on your location: 

? Belgium: + 32 (0)3 355 16 00

? The Netherlands: + 31 (0)183 788 108

? France: +33 (0)4 8168 0812

? Rest of the world: + 32 (0)3 355 16 00


Chat with us! During office hours we are available to respond to you in real time via a Chatbox on our website.

Help us to help you

Your feedback really helps us to help you. It allows us to tailor our service to match your needs.

So please feel free to leave feedback here!

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