Le code QR dévoile toutes les informations techniques du transformateur

Le code QR dévoile toutes les informations techniques du transformateur
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EREA continues to improve its products in order to meet the needs of the user – installer during installation.

From now on, you will find a QR code on all EREA transformers and accessories. By scanning this code with your smartphone or tablet, you will immediately obtain all the technical information about the product.

What is a QR code and how to use it in practice? Read more about it below.

A QR code is a type of barcode.

By scanning this square code using a smartphone or tablet, you will see a web page open. In this case, you will see the page of your EREA product . On this page, you will discover all the technical information essential for using the product correctly, such as power, voltage, voltage drop, connection diagram, etc.

How do I scan my EREA product using a smartphone or tablet?

If your Smartphone is not equipped with a QR code scanner (built-in), first install an application to scan QR codes. 

If you have an Android device, you will find several apps in Google Play to read the QR code. If you have an iPhone or iPad, your camera automatically scans the QR code. Do you prefer to use your own app? In the App Store, you will find a number of free or paid QR code scanners depending on your choice.

Got your QR code scanner handy? Then follow the example below:

A concrete example with the SPT25000/BTE transformer

On the energy-efficient protection transformer SPT25000/BTE you will find this QR code:

1. Scan the code with your smartphone or tablet. On your screen, you see this page:

2. A practical overview with all the technical specifications of the transformer. 

Your advantages? Fast and practical!

  • On your EREA product, you can find the essential technical information anytime, anywhere – and clearly – with the help of a scan ;
  • So also the connection diagram to immediately proceed with the installation;
  • You can also download this technical information to your device;

  • If the product needs to be replaced, you can quickly find it online. 

Not just for transformers

The QR code does not only appear on transformers, but systematically on all EREA products: power supplies, IP safety boxes, stabilizers, inrush current limiters, etc.

To make your job easier! 

Do you have any questions about the QR code on our products?

Need telephone assistance to install a QR code on your smartphone or tablet?  Contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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