Transformers to charge electric cars

Transformers to charge electric cars
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There is no doubt about it; the trend towards electric vehicles is here to stay. Motorists who purchase such a vehicle also need a charging station. But there lies the rub. Belgium has an atypical grid, as in some places, there is a three-phase power supply 3 x 230V without neutral. Charging stations cannot recharge electric vehicles in such occurrences.

The solution?

Our new range of transformers is the solution to your problem. They are designed specifically to charge electric cars.

The benefits of EREA transformers for electric charging stations

  • Create a neutral:

A charging station works like a tiny computer. It processes information and communicates with the car to tell you when you can charge and how much current you can get. The use of an isolation transformer is the solution here, as it produces an electrically shielded circuit which allows you to derive a separate neutral.

  • Conversion from 230V to 400V for three-phase charge:

This transformation is one of the main functions of the EREA devices.

  • Aligned with charging current of available charging stations:

Cars which charge on single or three-phase current are supplied with standardized charging currents of 16, 32 or 64A. Transformers which are not aligned with the current are either excessive or insufficient. EREA transformers are aligned with these three charging currents, regardless of the circuit system issue.

  • Low inrush current value:

The inrush current value of our transformers is low. They require less start-up current because they work on low induction. As a result, the home installation need not be increased and the available capacity can be maximized in order to charge the vehicle. Fusing possible with 16A-C, 32A-C, and 63A-C.

  • Low no-load and full-load losses:

And the icing on the cake: EREA transformers are energy efficient due to their limited no-load and full-load losses. This is partly achieved by lowering the transformer’s inrush current, and also by optimizing the copper wiring.

Discover the energy-efficient EREA transformers.

Even though our energy-efficient transformers imply an initial added cost, they pay for themselves in a few years through lower electricity bills.

In a nutshell: problem-free charging of electric cars thanked to the low inrush current value EREA transformer.

How to select the right transformer to charge an electric vehicle? 

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